अग्नि सुरक्षा प्रबंधन संस्थान :-
सभी राज्यों के लिए, सभी जातियों के लिए भारतीय पुरुष नागरिको से प्रशिक्षण हेतु आवेदन पत्र आमंत्रित किये जाते है |

आयुध निर्माणी और भारत / राज्य सरकार के अधीन सभी विभागो में रिक्त पड़े फायर ट्रेड पदो के लिए मान्य कोर्स

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Do you have a passion for learning? A desire to achieve at your highest level? A zest for adventure? Then Institute of Fire & Safety Management just might be the place for you.At IFSM, you can immerse yourself in your studies or pursue your interests through an exciting array of off-campus opportunities. You’ll meet fellow Ifsm Students who share your sense of adventure in a wide range of campus activities. You’ll reach new depths of understanding, develop and cultivate your interests and talents, and explore new worlds.Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know about How to Apply Ifsm and our Programes.Questions? we'll work to meet your individual needs.


You’re inspired by learning in all the many ways and places it occurs. You do your best when you are immersed in a subject, engaged and absorbed. You love a challenge, and you thrive on adventure. So why settle for a conventional approach to learning when it comes to your college education?IFSM takes a unique approach to the learning process. Sure, our Majors Programes are similar to those of other nationally respected colleges, and Our Faculty are highly qualified in all the traditional ways.. But that’s where the traditional ends and the innovative begins. At IFSM, we think students learn best when they can immerse themselves in their subject & Practical That’s why IFSM students take a single course at a time, an academic calendar referred to as the block plan.The learning adventure continues outside the classroom with Practical Opurnities intense internship experiences through the IFSM Construction Safety, and Health Safety courses lot more. And should you need some assistance along the way, our valuable offer guidance as well as Practical Knowledge.

Student Activities Office

IFSM students are passionate and deeply involved, in and out of the classroom. In fact, involvement is an expectation! The Office of Student Activities provides information about student organizations, campus and community events, and things to do in the area. We are committed to promoting campus events and helping student organizations plan their activities. Our 20 student groups focus on everything from swing dance, slam poetry, and gaming, to environmental issues, spirituality, and juggling! This website is designed to help you become familiar with the organizations we have on campus and to provide you with resources on how to get involved and make your organization successful. Feel free to stop by with any questions or ideas you have!

Apply to IFSM

Whether you’re applying to IFSM as a first-year or a transfer student, the process is straightforward. If you’re an International Students there are a few additional steps. We hope you’ll agree the required application materials are comprehensive and meaningful.Questions along the way.

Application steps
First, submit the preliminary application. This Application lets us know you’re interested, and it’s quick and easy to complete.· Next, choose your schedule. If you’re applying for Early Action, for example, your deadline is December 1. The regular admission deadline is February 1. Check admission deadlines and application plans for First-Year students and New students.· Then, submit the application. You may apply To IFSM Office and submit it with the RS. 200/ application fee. (If you’re applying before December 1, the application fee is waived.) Alternatively, you may apply using the Common Application Submit a recommendation from a teacher (optional). You are encouraged, but not required, to have a teacher from your junior or senior year submit a letter of Recommendation· Visit the Ifsm campus , if you can. It’s a great way to see what IFSM is all about. If you can’t get here, maybe we can get to you: check our schedule of campus events for more information.

About Us

Institute of Fire & Safety Management Studies is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified institute has Registered in Govt. of Uttrakhand which is having motive in expansion of Safety education and low cost job, oriented education courses.Institute of Fire & Safety Management Studies has introduce FIRE SAFETY COURSES Certificate, Diploma & PG Diploma courses under NEBOSH INDIA for the students of NORTH INDIA. IFSM has Plan to introduce at least 5 centers of Fire Safety Colleges in Haryana to provide full time & Distance Learning Courses of Fire Safety . Safety in an important part of all kind of industries whether it is small or big. Not only Industries our public and private sector non industrials offices also equally require SAFETY measures.

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